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*Applications close Thurs 27 July*

Finance for Life 

We’re looking for someone with the passion and motivation to shape the future of one of Enactus UWA’s flagship projects, Finance for Life. Your role as project leader will involve leading the team in its operations, while exploring new avenues to continue to grow and expand the impact of Finance for Life. This position requires no prior experience or knowledge in finance, however, a passion for creating real social change in our community is essential!


Positions available: 

  • Project leader


Essential skills/attributes

  • Leadership, creativity, enthusiasm, commitment and strong organisation skills

  • 5-hour weekly commitment 

  • Strong communication skills

  • Takes initiative

  • Passion for social impact

  • Friendly and personable, willing to join our Enactus UWA family!

  • Able to commit to a minimum 12-month term


Desired skills/attributes

  • Previous leadership experience (sporting clubs, casual and part-time work, uni clubs, etc.)

  • Public speaking experience 

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*Applications close Thurs 27 July* 


We’re looking for some special people passionate about making a difference to join the uneARThed team! At uneARThed, we believe that an empathy can change the world, which is why we’re working to reduce the stigma of homelessness. We’re looking for people that can look past labels and are driven to create meaningful change in their community. We’re currently for a variety of different positions, but most of all, we want people passionate about making positive social impact in the community!


Positions available: 

  • Project Leader - a confident leader to drive the strategic vision of uneARThed

  • Business Development Coordinator - a business-savvy individual who loves a challenge

  • Community Engagement Coordinator - a people-person passionate about getting the community involved in what uneARThed does

  • Finance Coordinator - financially-minded individual with a strong attention to detail

  • Operations Coordinator - a reliable multitasker with top-notch organisational skills

  • Marketing Officer - a creative thinker with a keen interest in marketing

  • General Comm ittee Member - a flexible hard-worker who is not afraid to get their hands dirty


For all of the positions, want someone who:

  • Has a passion for making a difference

  • Takes initiative

  • Is a hard-worker who gets stuff done

  • Has strong communication skills

  • Is forward thinking with a long-term outlook

  • Can be flexible and adapts well to change

  • Is not afraid to take risks

  • Can commit 3-5 per week (1 hour meeting + other work completed in own time) for at least 12 months (Sem 2 2017 and Sem 1 2018)


In addition to these attributes, each role has certain characteristics that require different skills. While previous experience in such roles is not essential, an outline of what the role entails, as well as the desired skills/attributes for each are as follows:


Project Leader


  • Coordinate, lead and organise the structure of weekly meetings
  • Delegate tasks to other project members
  • Act as main point of contact between Ruah, partners and other organisations
  • Speak at events and Business Advisory Board Meetings
  • Work with each project member in their position

Desired attributes:

  • Strong communication skills - both verbal and written  
  • Public speaking experience
  • Organisational skills
  • Ability to stay positive attitude and motivate others
  • Decisiveness and a good problem solver


Business Development Manager


  • Responsible for the business-facing side of uneARThed
  • Managing relationships with potential and current clients
  • Developing uneARThed’s business model
  • Working with partners to develop uneARThed as a social enterprise, eg: attending Bloom workshops

Desired attributes:

  • A self-starter who creates opportunities
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • An entrepreneurial mindset
  • The ability to think long-term
  • Ability to multitask


Community Engagement Officer


  • Looks for and creates opportunities to engage the wider community with uneARThed, eg: through events, pop-up galleries, exhibitions
  • Plans, organises and helps to run these uneARThed events
  • Facilitates events for Enactus General Members to get involved with uneARThed, eg: through organising volunteers for the art sessions
  • Writing and updating the Monthly Newsletter

Desired attributes:

  • Takes initiative
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Experience planning and running events
  • Experience with MailChimp would be a plus


Finance Coordinator


  • Develop and plan the uneARThed financial management system
  • Plan and organise the project’s finances
  • Coordinate and manage online store sales
  • Maintain records of transactions and manage reimbursements
  • Investigate and apply for grants

Desired attributes:

  • Good business and financial acumen
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Previous experience in a treasurer-type role or similar would be a plus


Operations Coordinator


  • Be the main point of contact between the uneARThed team and Ruah (artists and staff) to ensure the project run smoothly.
  • Communicate to artists and Ruah staff of any events, giving them regular updates on the project progress
  • Report progress to the uneARThed team
  • Encourage artists to produce and submit pieces of art for uneARThed
  • Manage online inventory system
  • Visit the art session at Ruah on a regular basis (to be recognised and trusted by artists and staff is very crucial)

Desired attributes:

  • Good communication skills
  • Self-organisation
  • Kind and patient (very important when dealing with clients/artists)
  • Can use spreadsheet
  • Outgoing and friendly


Marketing Officer


  • Managing the uneARThed Facebook page by creating and posting relevant content such as photos of the artists, their work and relevant articles
  • Promoting our events on Facebook
  • Content creation
  • Managing a website using Squarespace

Desired attributes:

  • Creative, organised, good planning skills
  • Experience with social media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Graphic design experience (eg: Photoshop, Illustrator, or Canva)
  • Photography experience is a plus


General Project Member


  • The General Project Member role is quite flexible, so this position is dynamic and requires the individual to help other members
  • Spread awareness of uneARThed around the university and the wider community
  • Getting people to attend uneARThed and Enactus UWA events
  • Volunteering at Ruah


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*Applications close Thurs 27 July*